Final Thoughts

In my last few days of research using Web 2.0 I discovered two different tools that I am excited about.  One is DocsTeach through the National Archives  There are two great activities that I have already put in my smart lessons.  One is on the exploration of Lewis and Clark.  It has students use an interactive map and look at documents and connect the two.  Very cool, and a great way to use primary sources.  The other is a series of letters from a slave to Abraham Lincoln.  I am very excited to use this with my students, as we talk about the Emancipation Proclamation.

The other Web 2.0 page I found very helpful was the Digital History page  There is one that is all about the Alamo that walks students through the documents to teach them about the battle.  Really neat.  There are also letters from Frederick Douglas to Lincoln’s wife.

In terms of class activities, I have added a voki and a glogster to the menu of choices for students to complete during the Erie Canal game.  I have also added several of the document activities to my smart lessons.  I think that next year I will also add more technology options to my Revolutionary War research project.

I definitely feel much more comfortable entering the world of Web 2.0 after my work in this class.  I wish I consistently had the opportunity to have time to play with all of the new tools that are out there.  It is amazing and a bit overwhelming to think of all of the possibilities.


Google Docs – a fun way to plan a wedding or….

Last year, when my husband and I were planning our wedding we began to use google docs.  We were living three hours away from each other and had to work out things like guest lists, menus, invitations, place cards, and the list goes on.  We found that google docs was incredibly valuable.  In fact, when I just logged in again I found some of our old files and this year’s Christmas list…. LOL.

Anyway, I used google docs to make a quiz for my students on the video clip on the Indian Removal Act.  Here it is:

<iframe src=”” width=”760″ height=”1117″ frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″>Loading…</iframe>

I thought that I might have them try to answer the questions with the smartboard clickers that I have in my room.  I have to see if they will work with the google doc’s format.  That would be so high tech of me to accomplish.  We’ll see!!

Better late than never

Well, I am finally digging myself out from under the weight of the new textbook, literally and figuratively, enough to continue on in my challenge.

Today I spent some time playing around with youtube and teachertube.  I use United Streaming videos in my instruction all the time.  In fact if you visit my website you can see some video clips that I have posted for students to watch as they study.  I update this each chapter.

Here is the most recent clip I found on Teacher Tube

I like it because it covers more than just Indian Removal, it also gets into the Nullification Crisis.



Okay, now I have stepped into the world of glogster.  I must say I kind of like it!  I am working on creating a glog on the Louisiana Purchase to be used with my students after vacation.  We’ll see how it goes! 

I can definitely see the usefulness of this new tool with my students.  I think they would really get into designing posters for different historical events or people.  I think that with the right guidelines set they would generate great posters and learn a lot in the process.  We’ll see how my glog goes on Tuesday after vacation.

You can check out my progress on the glog at:

Blogging and students

I could see that students would love to blog.  I am concerned about web etiquette as students tend to lack a filter.  I definitely think that starting a blog would be an interesting tool to use.  I would especially see it for reading as they could be blogging each day about the books they are reading.  It would also foster a reading community.

Social Studies

Do you ever feel like technology is getting ahead of you and try as you might you can’t keep up?  I think that after 15 years of teaching I am beginning to feel just that.  I try to stay current but struggle with keeping it up with it all.  When I finally learn something and think I am proficient,  I discover that my colleagues have progressed to the next three new things.

I am hoping that by taking this class I might be able to catch up a bit!